Original Air Date: January 7, 2012
Director: Doug Campbell
Stars: Caitlin Thompson, Jamie Luner, Al Sapienza, Matthew Alan
Lesson Learned: School cops aren't real cops.

Further giving paranoid moms reason to fear the people caring for their children is this past January's Walking the Halls. When troubles with Casey Benson's (Caitlin Thompson) boyfriend and home life send her into the waiting arms of the school's popular girls, she's surprised to find out that they all work as part of a call-girl ring run by—dun dun dun!—the school's security guard (Matthew Alan)!

Not that that matters. Soon, the 17-year-old is willingly entering the waiting arms of creepy older dudes, some more than twice her senior. Regrettably, her later efforts to remove herself from the ring aren't taken too kindly by the rent-a-cop and the family gets taken hostage. C'mon, Casey. Have we learned nothing from Co-Ed Call Girl?