Original Air Date: July 10, 2006
Director: Tom McLoughlin
Stars: Alia Shawkat, Ileana Douglas, Erica Schweig
Lesson Learned: Kindles are clutch when it comes to compromising reading.

We have a hunch that Brandi Blackbear, the vaguely goth Oklahoma student on whom this TV movie is based, probably wouldn't have been too psyched about having a cheesy Lifetime movie made about her. Just a guess.

Alia Shawkat stars as the dogged high-schooler in 2006's dramatic reenactment of her story. In what feels like some weird neo-Salem witch hunt, Blackbear, who's spotted picking up a book on Wicca, gets dubbed a witch and starts facing accusations of having put a hex on one of her teachers. Soon after? Suspension. (WHAAAT?!)

More ridiculous than the Lifetime-y dialogue and watching Maeby Fünke play goth is the fact that this actually happened—in 1999 no less. Wasn't witchcraft supposed to be hot for a minute? And where did they see her picking up that book, Urban Outfitters? Shame on you, Oklahoma, and shame on you, Lifetime.