Original Air Date: January 19, 1998
Director: Sam Pillsbury
Stars: Kirsten Dunst, Park Overall, David Andrews
Lesson Learned: Don't forget to wrap it up!

If you thought the pensive-looking pregnant chick in the photo looked familiar, you were absolutely right. Just about every actor and actress has a few cinematic skeletons lurking in their closet (not unlike Ben Affleck, whose appearance in Danielle Steel's Daddy we previously blew up).

Were you to take a journey into the depths of Kirsten Dunst's extensive IMDb profile, you'd find her role as Fifteen and Pregnant's Tina Spangler lingering just beneath Small Soldiers. As you probably deduced from the title, the star is 15...and pregnant. Though not as quirky as Juno, the Lifetime flick is still chock full of quality one-liners. ("SPERM DOESN'T ENTITLE YOU TO MUCH!")