Original Air Date: October 23, 1991
Director: Michael Miller
Stars: Patrick Duffy, Kate Mulgrew, Lynda Carter, John Anderson
Lesson Learned: Ben Affleck had to start somewhere.

Danielle Steel's name in the title alone should clue you in to imminent ridiculousness. The presence of Step by Step's Patrick Duffy and his tender "Sup, ladies?" countenance on the flick's cover, too, alludes to unintended hilarity.

In this book-to-TV special, Duffy takes on the role of dad Oliver, whose wife walks out on the family in order to head to graduate school. Further adding to the guy's good luck streak is his son (Ben Affleck) acting out in response, ultimately knocking up his sleazy girlfriend. But don't worry! There's a silver lining here for Oliver: He ends up rebounding with a Hollywood star (Wonder Woman's Lynda Carter)!