Original Air Date: January 27, 1998
Director: Walter Klenhard
Stars: Josie Bissett, Barbara Tyson, Jason Beghe
Lesson Learned: Ladies, never hire a perfect 10 to do your sitting.

Some people never learn. You'd think that after countless Hollywood scandals and questionable made-for-TV movie plots involving dad-on-nanny love, the ladies of the house would finally take a hint when it comes to hiring the help and opt for the awkward chick in orthodontic headgear over Kate Upton's booty short-wearing doppelganger.

Mom Carol (Barbara Tyson) regretfully drops the ball here and is shocked (unlike everyone else) to discover that her husband (Jason Beghe) is not only getting it in with the sitter ('90s cutie Josie Bissett)—the two also have a baby on the way. What's a scorned mom to do? Hire some inept thugs to off the chick and hold the kid hostage, allowing her to arrive on the scene and act the hero. Obviously.