Original Air Date: April 14, 1999
Director: Michael Toshiyuki Uno
Stars: Crystal Bernard, Doug Savant, Billy Dean
Lesson Learned: Fortune favors the attractive.

Remember Mask? That Cher movie about the red-headed dude with the disfigured face? Take a moment to meditate on a hybrid of that and pretty much any movie where someone gets screwed by a double-crossing spouse and you have A Face to Kill For.

Since this is Lifetime, the special wouldn't be complete without a few horses, so Rocky Dennis is reincarnated as trainer Allison Bevens (Crystal Bernard), a woman sent to prison after being set up by her husband (Doug Savant). Against dude's expectations, his boo's time behind bars is a time of renewal, and before long she's scored herself some quality plastic surgery and is back out for blood. If you're watching this hoping to see the next Kill Bill, though...don't hold your breath.