Adapted from the comic that spun off of the newsletter mascot that teenager Ben Edlund created for a Boston's New England Comics shop in 1986, this brilliantly written superhero parody took the piss out of popular good guys like Batman, Aquaman, and Captain America.

Named for a parasite and dressed in the "blue tights of justice" with antennae, the proud—and rather dense—muscle-bound hero protects The City from ridiculous and hilarious villains (Chairface Chippendale, El Seed, Professor Chromedome) with help from his meeker, wannabe-superhero sidekick, Arthur, an accountant who dresses like a moth and is the actual brains of the team.

Given the metropolis' other superhero schmucks, many of whom are lazy, lascivious, and even cowardly, the Tick is like your best worst option when in danger. This joint is must-watch material, 'cause if you can't laugh at men in tights, you need to pick that atomic wedgie out of your tight ass.