Contrary to popular belief, the richest kid in the world is not Diggy Simmons. It's the tow-headed young lad known as Richie Rich, a.k.a. The Only Aryan You Ever Envie.

Jumping off the pages of the Harvey Comics universe (comprised of Casper, Sad Sack, etc.) and into ABC's Saturday morning lineup—along with Scooby-Doo, and later Pac-Man—the pint-sized gazillionaire ran rampant in his mansion and the fortunately named town of Richville.

Fun fact: his girlfriend was Bart Simpson! Or, rather, his girlfriend was voiced by Nancy Cartwright, who's also the voice of Bart. Which makes us think that "eat my shorts" started as the twisted sadistic fetish of a child who already had everything...EXCEPT TOTAL SUBMISSION.