If you were born into a world of ubiquitous Internet and television networks devoted solely to cartoons, you should consider yourself very lucky, youngster. Back in the day (like all the way until the '90s) the only time kids could really vegetate with a block of animation and a block of sugar was Saturday mornings from 8 a.m. to noon—when, with a tweak of its nipples, the boob tube would squirt out empty calories for young minds with shows about caped crime fighters, talking animals, tiny blue creatures, and other things that would trip folks out all over again when they discovered reefer.

Of course, some of the shows were absolute crap, but young bucks were so happy to be watching cartoons that turd-like quality didn't preclude them from watching. The Complex staff watched it all—even soft-batch shit like The Care Bears Family—so we decided to take a stroll down memory lane to honor the truly memorable shows that aired in the formative time slot. Race out of bed, grab your bowl of sugar and milk, and check out The 50 Greatest Saturday Morning Cartoons.

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