Some of the original Borderlands' DLC added new vehicles, but those mostly boiled down to faster cars or more powerful tanks. Before now, nothing as unique as this expansion's Sand Skiff—the new lightning-quick vehicle—has ever been featured in Borderlands.

Put simply, this thing is a joy to pilot. It looks like a dilapidated boat, but it's more of a hovercraft than anything. It can reach some insane speeds, and hitting a slope at the right angle causes it to glide through the air for awesomely unrealistic periods of time. You can even drive it up into pirate lairs and other locations that the game's more traditional vehicles could never go, and its rockets, rapid-fire saw blades and exploding harpoons make it ideal for taking out entire swathes of swashbucklers.

Sure, it's only a two-seater—one player to pilot and another on the chain gun turret—but extra players can simply jump up on deck and hang on for dear life (it helps to not move at all) while using their normal guns to chip away at passing pirate skiffs and sand worms. Experimenting with the Skiff is definitely half the fun in "Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty."

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