The most important question when it comes to DLC is how much content you're getting for your dollars. No one likes feeling ripped off, and considering Borderlands 2 isn't even a month old, the money value of the "Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty" DLC is a huge concern.

Thankfully, you can lay those fears to rest right now. With almost every side and story mission completed, our time with the expansion totaled somewhere around eight hours. At $10, that's a massive value—some entire $60 games are only eight hours long. Granted, a number of these new missions boil down to extended fetch-quests—many weren't quite as imaginative as some in the main game—but it is Borderlands, after all. And these quests will take you all over a half-dozen or so enormous new areas, with plenty of hidden side stories and easter eggs along the way. There's even at least one new level 50 mega-boss, and it drops a new crystal currency—though we've no idea what to buy with it, since we can't beat the damn boss. How's that for replay value?

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