In addition to new NPCs, there are a ton of new enemies, including a metric shit-ton of pirates. Standard bandits have been replaced by Buccaneers, Rapscallions, Corsairs, and Cabin Boys, with larger Anchormen, Minelayers and life force-sucking Cursed Pirates wreaking havoc on the battlefield.

No ancient-sea-turned-barren-desert would be complete without sand worms large and small, and new varieties of teleporting stalkers—now with three projectile-spewing tails instead of one—prove as challenging as they are annoying. There's even an appearance by a miniature Rakk Hive (that giant vagina-mouthed thing from the first Borderlands)—with a pirate passenger—and a spectacular cameo from another 2K Games series icon. Let's just say his name rhymes with "Rig Baddy."

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