Borderlands games may be addictive because of their loot, but the real heart of Borderlands 2 lies in its characters. "Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty" adds plenty of memorable faces to the game's cast. The first person you'll see when you reach the barren new town of Oasis (after killing about 100 bandits) is Shade, a twisted human taxidermist who's arranged the deceased denizens of the town in grisly poses and employs a complex PA system to get them to talk to you. He even proposes to one. It's fucking creepy.

The absent-minded Aubrey gives you quests to erase all evidence of her family's embarrassing pirate past from Oasis's bounty board, and the love story between Scarlett herself and a half-blind hermit named Herbert will touch your heart before ending quite…explosively. There's even a censorship-obsessed robot (to match the one obsessed with becoming human in the main game) spouting lines like "MURDER THAT PERSON VIOLENTLY, BECAUSE MORALITY."

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