Like Obama and Romney, you are given less than two hours to articulate your plans for the future. These precious minutes will determine your fate, and whether you're worthy of a full term as her new president boyfriend. Now is not the time to give a long-winded diatribe on the cultural significance of comic books. Your future wifey is on the line. 

During the debates, Obama and Romney have zeroed in on what matters to women. And while we don't suggest you voice your stance on reproductive issues on the first date (especially if you're against Planned Parenthood—cough-ROMNEY-cough), you should definitely take a cue from the wanna-be-POTUS and think about what she wants to hear. Of course you're looking for a commitment! Waiting for sex is fine! It's do or die, and you have to pull out all the stops. The next four years (or more!) depend on it.