Director: Robert Scott

Picture this: You're watching AMC's The Walking Dead on Sunday night, and during the first commercial break, there's a knock at the front door. You casually go to open the door and see that it's not the booty call you were hoping for, but, rather, the same hideous zombies from the TV screen, somehow birthed by your boob tube.

In a nutshell, that's the gist of The Video Dead, a poorly made but nonetheless charming treasure trove of cheesy effects, idiotic ideas, and awesomely bad entertainment. Basically, the film's walkers emanate from a mysterious television set, and as if that ludicrous premise wasn't agreeable enough, there's also a pointlessly long fantasy sequence during which the young protagonist meets, in the exposed flesh, a hot blonde he was just watching on the tube.

The character's good fortune doesn't last long, though. Eventually, he's lifted into the air by a swing to serve as live bait, in a moment that's as hilarious as it is impractical. So, yes, he's essentially The Walking Dead's Glen (Steven Yeun), circa 1987.