Director: James Gunn

Any modern-day movie that pays direct tribute to Fred Dekker's 1986 classic of campy horror-comedy Night of the Creeps immediately deserves props. So the fact that James Gunn's wacky 2006 flick Slither is actually really damn good is simply the icing on the cake, or, for a much more apt metaphor, the melted skin oozing across the pus-filled bodily sore.

After a meteor crash-lands in the outskirts of a small hunting town, the sheriff (Nathan Fillion) and a ragtag group of other survivors fend off locals who've become gooey zombies, due to ingesting intergalactic creepy-crawlies that exited the aforementioned meteor. With a nice blend of showy horror effects and sly humor, Gunn's tribute to B-movies from the '80s recaptures a time when studios made genre movies that favored throwing everything into metaphorical kitchen sinks rather than solely eyeing box office ticket windows.