Director: Robert Rodriguez

To this day, it's still infuriating to think that Grindhouse, the incredibly far-reaching double bill of throwback exploitation flicks from Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, was a box office disappointment back in April 2007. Blame it on the poor marketing, which failed to sell the project properly, or simply point at close-minded moviegoers who couldn't convince themselves to sit in a theater for over three hours to experience a marathon of zombies, homicidal stuntmen, and fake movie trailers.

Five years later, Grindhouse has earned its rightful place in the cult movie pantheon, and Rodriguez's opening movie, the zany Planet Terror, is a major factor. Complete with synth-heavy music straight out of old John Carpenter movies, Planet Terror winks at old Lucio Fulci zombie flicks while also maintaining its wicked sense of humor.

The monsters, townsfolk infected with a deadly biochemical agent, are covered in sores, pus, and rotting flesh, and the heroes, namely the sexy Rose McGowan and her machine gun leg, are all walking, talking, knowingly written clichés. Planet Terror is nearly 90 minutes' worth of excessive fanboy satiation, which, when done by a talent as singular as Rodriguez's, can be a great thing indeed.