Director: David Morlet

Throughout the late 2000s, France repeatedly reminded horror audiences why its native filmmakers are some of the most exciting directorial minds currently working within the genre. From High Tension to Inside and Martyrs, the films coming out of French borders one-upped Hollywood's scary movie output in every conceivable way.

One French production that's been unfairly lost in the shuffle, though, is David Morlet's quasi-zombie flick Mutants. The antagonists are better described as mutated freaks, not members of the walking dead, but that's just a technicality; at its core, Mutants, is a zombie film with heart. It follows a pregnant woman and her husband, who's slowly succumbing to a virus, as they navigate their way through a wasteland of ravenous killers. In the tradition of the best zombie movies, Mutants charges its way through brutal deaths and jolting shocks and culminates in an exceptionally bleak finale.