Director: Jorge Grau

Gorehounds who prefer their zombie movies covered in gooey intestines bow to the altar of Italian filmmaker Lucio Fulci, but, if they're on top of their undead knowledge, those fans should also have an affinity for Spanish director Jorge Grau's intensely disturbing 1974 gem Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (also widely known as The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue).

The tally of actual zombies in Grau's film is reasonably low, at least compared to the other movies on this list; when the undead do show up, though, they make one hell of an impact. Slow, hideous, and prone to ripping out screaming humans' innards, Grau's zombies are a messy, scary lot, and the director knows his way around a drawn-out sequence of airtight suspense. In the film's best scene, two characters find themselves fleeing for their lives inside a lavish crypt, and, later, the knockout climax, set inside a hospital, depicts one nurse's horrible death via the tearing off her breasts and another character's offing by an ax to the head.

Zombie movies don't get much more hardcore, and, frankly, much better, than Let Sleeping Corpses Lie. Seek this one out immediately.