In case anyone is wondering why he or she has never heard of the 2008 Canadian horror-comedy Gutterballs, allow this scene description to explain why no distribution company ever bothered to promote the film.

Set in a bowling alley where a homicidal maniac kills off people in exceedingly overboard ways, writer-director Ryan Nicholson's Z-grade gore exhibition reaches its apex of bad taste when a pair of lovers (Scott Alonzo and Danielle Munro) tangle themselves up in a "69" position during a sexual encounter. And just like that, the killer, clad in goofy bowling attire, walks out of a bathroom stall, palms both of their heads, and pushes each cranium further into the other person's crotch, suffocating them both.

One thing's for sure: Don't expect a stateside Gutterballs remake anytime soon.