Based on novelist William Hjortsberg's Falling Angel, an exceptional work of horror noir fiction, director Alan Parker's criminally slept-on 1987 adaptation Angel Heart isn't without its share of creepy moments. It's an assured exercise in suffocating dread, aided tremendously by Mickey Rourke's sympathetic performance as a private investigator who's knee-deep in the occult and Robert De Niro's dark turn as his enigmatic employer.

There's also The Cosby Show's Lisa Bonet all grown-up as the film's voodoo-loving eye candy. The second Bonet gets naked and starts riding Rourke like he's Mr. Ed, any traces of Bill Cosby's wholesome values are quickly forgotten. Especially since the sex scene is covered in gallons of blood and a nightmarish aesthetic that lends the sequence an uncomfortably icky vibe instead of a pleasurable one.