Played by: Milton Berle

Created specifically for the ‘60s Batman TV show, Louie the Lilac was a throwback to the classic gangsters from Hollywood’s golden age, with one exception: He was decked out from head to toe in purple.

Instead of trying to rule the drug or weapon trade like most gangs, Louie focused his efforts on the lucrative underground fragrance and flower market. He may wasn't a match physically for Batman, though we’re pretty sure the Caped Crusader had to spend weeks bleaching the hooker perfume smell out of his tights after tangling with Louie.

Louie the Lilac is the perfect example of not judging a book by its cover; his violet suits hid his malicious leanings. Plus, he was played by the legendary Milton Berle, who was packing more than his fair share of heat according to Hollywood lore.