Played by: Mykelti Williamson

The leader of the African-American enclave of Noble's Holler, butcher Ellstin Limehouse is a strict, no nonsense individual who acts as a sort of bank for other gangsters, including Mags Bennett, whose $3 million he hides inside an animal carcass. There is nothing that goes on that Limehouse does not know, and he doles this information out to criminals and lawmen alike whenever doing so benefits him personally.

A true-to-form, old school villain, Mykelti Williamson's performance elevates every sneakily charismatic monologue and disgusting tactic to another level. Limehouse is a man who's obsessed with keeping control of his backwoods underground community, and he does so by any means necessary, whether it means burning an employee with lye for failing him or hacking a rival gangster's arm off with a meat cleaver.