Portrayed by: Taylor Kitsch

After starring in two big budget bombs—John Carter and Battleship—it could be said that Taylor Kitsch had one of the worst summers imaginable for a young actor. But when the Friday Night Lights standout starred in Oliver Stone’s Savages, Kitsch proved that he could be more than just a handsome face on the big screen. The talent surrounding him (Benicio Del Toro, Salma Hayek, John Travolta) elevated his performance drastically, and Stone's direction was just what this young actor needed to capture the dangerous lifestyle of a career dealer.

Throughout the movie, Chon and his best friend Ben (Aaron Johnson) manage to get themselves into, and out of, trouble by being ruthless and savvy. Nobody expects a couple of white boys to turn the tables on a powerful Mexican drug cartel, but that’s what separates Chon and his boy from so many others. That, and sharing a girlfriend played by Blake Lively.