Season: 2
Air Date: 10/26/11

Happy Endings hit its creative stride during its sophomore season, a run that was kickstarted by the early-season Halloween entry "Spooky Endings." The strengths of each member of the ensemble cast are flexed when the group rolls to a warehouse costume party, where Alex's (Elisha Cuthbert) Marilyn Monroe costume is mistakenly perceived with a tranny twist thanks to an ill-timed sore throat, the perennially hapless Dave (Zachary Knighton) strikes out with a tired Austin Powers get-up, and Penny (Casey Wilson) and Max's (Adam Pally) mother-and-baby two-in-one costume proves trying when they both go after the same guy, whose sexual orientation is undefined and who's creatively dressed as "ZZ Top Gun."

Add in Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) and Jane's (Eliza Coupe) battle against a group of unruly suburban kids while house-sitting, and "Spooky Endings" ends up as an early indicator that ABC had a new gem on its hands.