Season: 5
Air Date: 10/29/03

Unlike its parent series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel only visited the Halloween well once during its run, and the result was "Life of the Party," an episode that opted to go comedic instead of creepy.

The centerpiece of the episode is an office party at Wolfram & Hart, the "interdimensional supernatural" law firm that Angel (David Boreanaz) and co. took over at the start of the season in order to further their demon fighting on a corporate level. The party is attended by several big-deal demons whose palms Angel must grease, but matters are complicated when host Lorne (Andy Hallett) inadvertently gains the ability to make people do whatever he says.

Thus, telling Angel and a sultry co-worker to get a room leads to them engaging in nonstop sex in his office; Gunn (J. August Richards) follows his advice to "mark his territory" by peeing all over the office. Meanwhile, something is murdering guests at the party.

Amidst all the hilarity, the episode succeeds in furthering the over-arching season theme: The gang may have sacrificed more than they bargained for by moving up the corporate ladder.