In Krippendorf's Tribe, Richard Dreyfuss plays the titular anthropologist and single parent who uses his grant money to support his family. To skate on charges of grant misuse, the father of the year cooks up a fake tribe, and then dresses his sons up in blackface-esque makeup and other types of stereotypical tribal garb to back up his story.

His daughter Shelly (Natasha Lyonne) has the common sense and decency to steer clear of this offensive scheme, but her brothers Edmund (Carl Michael Lindner) and Mickey (Gregory Smith) fully commit, with Krip and love interest Jenna Elfman join in for some of the "fun" as well. The result is embarrassingly goofy chants, shrieks, and movements that would make an actual tribe scratch their heads. (With their fingers, not spears, you damn racists.)