Brian K. Vaughan’s more famous creation, Y: The Last Man, is perpetually rumored to be turned into a movie; we think his cult favorite title, Ex Machina, would make for a completely fresh and dangerous TV show. The story deals with a man named Mitchell Hundred, who has the ability to communicate with machines and shut them down with just a word. Because of this strange ability, he becomes New York’s first superhero: The Great Machine.

After stopping the second plane from striking the World Trade Center on 9/11, Mitchell reveals himself to the world as The Great Machine and runs for mayor of New York. He wins easily, and the rest of the series focuses on plots and characters that deal with real-world political problems in a way that no other show would be able to top. Sure, given the 9/11 connection, it would be controversial, but a TV show based on Ex Machina would give audiences the kick in the crotch that they need.