Part CSI and part Men in Black, Dark Horse Comics’ BPRD series could be a police procedural for the horror fan in all of us. The BPRD (Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense) is a government agency that's in charge of taking down threats of a supernatural or monstrous variety. Ghosts, zombies, demons—all of these horror staples are fair game for the agency which has established itself as Dark Horse’s premier franchise. Despite first appearing in 1993, it wasn’t until 2003 that the BPRD finally got its own solo stories published, and that allowed the mythology to really grow into its own brand.

The BPRD comics are filled with main agents like Hellboy, Abe Sapien, and Johann Krauss, who would require a lot of makeup prosthetics and special effects for a TV budget, but there are also human characters like Liz Sherman and Kate Corrigan that viewers could really relate to. In a television landscape littered with lame cop shows (which, admittedly, sometimes feature extremely hot police officer characters), BPRD could stand out by introducing fantasy and horror to this tried-and-true genre.