It's surely happened before, but never quite like this. Kiana Howell and Makeeba Graham were arrested at JFK International Airport in New York after they were caught smuggling cocaine in their unusually lofty hair weaves. The women had just returned from Guyana and created suspicion when they began panicking as they approached customs. Further inspection revealed over two pounds of cocaine stashed in their hair.

According to authorities, the women hid bags of cocaine in form-fitting plastic bags placed on their scalps. Howell had just over 35 ounces of coke in her weave, while Graham had nearly 37 ounces. Howell told police that she did not know what she was carrying, but that her boyfriend in Guyana had told her to sneak the packages into the country beneath her weave. She was reportedly supposed to be paid $7,500 for her services, which adds up to one of the most expensive weaves imaginable.

Graham was released on $100,000 bail, while Howell is still in custody. Both women will face charges for drug-smuggling, and this incident should give coke a new nickname: "Hair Weave Killa." 2 Chainz would agree, right? Truuuuu.

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[via The Huffington Post]