Admit it, you have a love/hate relationship with Walmart. It's OK, all of us who can openly confess our fondness of the store without fearing any social stigma know all about the endless options at convenient prices with the horrendous lines when you're about to checkout. But have no fear, Walmart is trying to help out a new Scan & Go pay system exclusive to iPhone users.

Earlier this week, Walmart got their own iPhone-carrying employees to test out the new system at their supercenter in Rogers, Arkansas. Here is a breakdown of the entire process:

The system works as a self-scanning system, shoppers go around the store as normal but instead of just dropping items into their trolley, they scan each item first with their iPhone first. Then they can put the scanned items straight into bags in their trolley or basket. When they have completed their shopping, they go to an express checkout and the app on the iPhone transfers the purchased item list to the checkout machine. Customers can then pay as normal using the usual checkout payment methods.

With Walmart spending about $12 million in cashier wages every second at their U.S. stores, the company will gladly look into any way to cut down costs while improving customer convenience. A match made in heaven if you ask us.

[via iMore]