Gamers are the ones buying the games on Steam, so shouldn't they be the ones determining what games get sold there? That's Valve's thinking, at least, and with Steam Greenlight it's become a reality. Also, less work for Valve.

They've highlighted the first ten games to get approved by Steam Greenlight users, and they include some highly anticipated gems like Black Mesa (eight years in the making), first-person horror game (in space!) Routine and the zombie survival RPG Project Zomboid.

"Steam Greenlight has been hugely valuable in demonstrating community support for games across a wide spectrum of genres and styles, while providing us with a ton of data to help decide which games to release on Steam," Valve writes in a community post (head there to see the other seven games that passed inspection).

The approved titles will be moved to Steam Greenlight's "Greenlit" section, and they'll be released whenever they're done. For some, that's right away, while others may yet take months. Did you vote for these? What other Steam Greenlight games are you excited about?

[via reddit]