Known In The '70s For:  Being the busty singer of the country hits "Joshua," "Jolene" and "I Will Always Love You"

Parton had been performing and recording since 1967, mainly in association with Porter Wagoner, but she really busted out as a solo phenomenon in 1971 with the chart-topping "Joshua." A veritable treasure chest of country classics followed; her most memorable were the bigguns "Jolene" (1973), "I Will Always Love You" (1974), and "Here You Come Again."

Dolly was one of country's first crossover, cross-your-heart stars. Her film debut, 9 to 5 (1980), had audiences hooting in the aisles and critics cheering brava; unsurprisingly, she won a Golden Globe as New Star of the Year. The film's theme song, a single of the same name, scaled the twin peaks of the pop and country charts. Indeed, with the '70s in the can, Dolly was a knocker on the door of megastardom. Amazing that we got through that whole paragraph without a single boob joke. Or did we?