Funniest Role: Brenda Meeks in Scary Movie (2000)
Memorable Quote: "If it’s a comedy, I can just build the character that has funny nuisances. I can’t really describe it, but I try to take what’s on paper and just add to it. Just take it in the direction I can and I do that whether it’s a drama or comedy. A lot of people do ask me if I’m a comedian and I usually say no."

It's too bad Regina Hall didn't somehow get worked into Scary Movie 5 because we would have totally gone to see it, no questions asked. The 41-year-old actress burst on the scene in 2000 with a hilarious performance in Scary Movie and we've been hooked ever since. Despite a solid resume, Hall's career hasn't yielded much in the way of awards or nominations—not even from less prestigious critics. None of that matters to us, though, because we thoroughly enjoy her hilarious one-liners.