Funniest Role: Jackie Burkhart on That '70s Show
Memorable Quote: "I was on Baywatch twice. The second time, I played a blind girl who's lost in the forest next to the beach and needs to be saved. It was absurd: There's a fire, I get saved, and then I go boogie-boarding. I remember thinking, 'Well, if I'm blind, how am I boogie-boarding?' No one ever gave me an answer."

Kunis became a household name when she played the outspoken, self-centered Jackie on That '70s Show. But it wasn't until her role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall that Kunis became a comedic force to be reckoned with. She already had the sex appeal down, she just needed to show off her improv chops. Kunis came alive in the comedic hit Friends With Benefits opposite Justin Timberlake and helped to create the current guy-friendly romcom genre. Hell, now she's a staple in all things bro-ishly funny. Just watch Ted and listen to her voice Meg on Family Guy.