Notable examples: Heathers (1988), Dazed and Confused (1993), Can’t Hardly Wait (1998), She’s All That (1999), American Pie (1999)

Every movie needs a bad guy, and because Hollywood doesn't like to step out of the box all too often, it usually picks the overly aggressive high school jock as the antagonists in its teen comedies. These muscle-bound meatheads are often portrayed as being incredibly stupid and irrational, and they are also usually abusive to their girlfriend, who just so happens to be the dream girl for the main character. Did we mention that they’re also experts at giving wedgies, swirlies, and the dreaded towel snap?

While the nerds always wind up taking their revenge on the jocks by the end, it doesn't make up for all of the abuse they take throughout the whole story. This stereotype has become so commonplace in movies that it has entered into the overall views of society. It has gotten to the point that the mere sight of a varsity jacket should send anyone with a GPA over 3.5 cowering in fear.