Neighborhood: East Village
Address: 14 Ave. A

Roger Says: Double Down has an old-school jukebox with lots of old punk rock, which is my favorite music. There’s also some garage stuff that you won’t find on too many jukeboxes.

The place is famous for a couple of things: the “Ass Juice” shot and the bacon martinis. The bar is part of the old-fashioned punk scene, that East Village feel. The other location is in Las Vegas, and it's great too.

My only warning about the Double Down is don’t go there on a blind date. There's a looping video presentation that occasionally includes porn. Some people may not be receptive to that. They’ll show some horror movie from the '70s, then all of a sudden there will be some punk band playing, and then there’s midget porn. I went there on a blind date once, and the person looked up at the screen at that moment and was outraged.