So, it's no secret that our government has been using un-manned aerial Reaper and Predator drones in most of the world's combat zones for the better part of the last 15 years. Controllers pilot the drones using an interface that looks like a glorified Mech Assault set-up, usually from half-way around the world.

But this, well this is all types of terrifying. It looks as is if Soundwave has ejected Ravage and sent him on a mission to exterminate all humans. What it actually is is DARPA's new ground based assault robot, nicknamed 'Cheetah'. DARPA, for those of you not familiar, google it and prepare to have your mind blown, has been behind some of the most amazing achievements of the last 70 years, but this is something else entirely.

This Metal Gear summoned ground assault drone is capable of running up to 29 MPH, that's faster than you, in case you were wondering. Faster than Usain Bolt, as well. DARPA sees a future where soldier and robot co-exist on future battlefields. I see a future where I'm torn to shreds by this thing when it finally gains sentience. What do you guys thinks? Let us know on Twitter.

[via Kotaku]