Not only do people have to worry about stolen credit card numbers when they put personal information online, now there's the possibility that somebody will create a fake sex-site profile under your name, and send an email to your boss about your sexual proclivities, because, apparently, people do that. 

When Elayna Katz wrote a negative review online about her experience at one of Marisol Simoes' restaurants, Simoes took the criticism a bit personally. Simoes, impersonating Katz, sent a rather bawdy email to Katz's bosses at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, describing Katz's sexual preferences in explicit detail. As egregious an invasion of privacy as that is, Simoes took it a step further and created an equally explicit and fake profile of Katz on an adult website in the "men seeking men" section, because trying to get her fired in the most embarrassing way possible wasn't enough. 

A word to the wise: The next time you get bad service at a restaurant, maybe you should just leave a lousy tip. 

[via Gawker]