Scott Van Duzer became a pop culture phenomenon when he gave President Obama the ultimate bear-hug last week at his Florida pizza shop, and now he's facing absurd backlash from local Republicans who are threatening to boycott the place, all because he showed the President some love. The most absurd part of this whole mess is that Van Duzer is a Republican himself. Apparently, he's a traitor and poor businessman now.

Obama paid Van Duzer a visit because he was impressed with the man's charity work. Van Duzer was aware of the President's arrival, but lost his composure as soon as he saw him. See, even proud Republicans get starstruck at the sight of the POTUS. Bitter Republicans retreated to Yelp to criticize the hug, saying it would hurt his business, but most of those comments have been replaced by overwhelmingly positive reviews. 

Come one folks, your pizza isn't tainted because the shop owner hugged the President.

[via Gawker]