For those wondering what good can come of Lil Wayne's new found love of skateboarding, well, we've got the answer. The rap superstar, in partnership with Mtn Dew and service organization STOKED, has opened a skatepark in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. After Hurricane Katrina, this particular area of NOLA received a great deal of attention, with mixed results, but having a native son like Weezy contribute in this way can only be positive. The original ribbon-cutting, which was set for August 29, had to be delayed because of (what else) weather, but as of today, the park is open for business.

The indoor skatepark, with a floorplan modeled on the geography of the surrounding neighborhood, will provide a chance for people of all walks of life to gather together around action sports. You don't need to be X Games ready to enjoy time at a skatepark. Lil Wayne himself is nowhere near pro level, but has professed over and over again his love for the sport.

For more information on DEWeezy, Mr. Carter's collaboration with Mtn Dew and STOKED, click here.