As we wait for the launch of Marvel Now next month, there is still the business of Avengers vs. X-Men to attend to. And now we have a brief look at the last issue of this 12-part epic, courtesy of the House of Ideas. Who will live? Who will die? Was it worth all of the time and money we spent on it? We’ll find out when the final issue gets released on October 3. But before that, take a look at this synopsis for the issue and some preview art by Adam Kubert below:

You’ve heard “it’s coming,” experienced “no more Avengers,” saw Cyclops take up the reigns as the “one” with the Phoenix Force and now it all comes to an explosive end in Avengers VS. X-Men #12! Following the harrowing events of the last issue, the blockbuster creative team of Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert, pit the combined might of the Avengers and the X-Men against the Dark Phoenix! But is it enough? And what role do the Scarlet Witch and Hope play in the final battle? Find out this October in Avengers VS X-Men #12!

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[via Marvel]