Well, that didn't take long. According to E!, Randy Jackson has reclaimed his rightful place at the judge's table on American Idol despite opting out earlier this summer in favor of taking on a "mentor" role next season. And just like that, all is normal in the world once again.

If all goes well with the deal, Jackson will technically take the spot that was going to be offered to Enrique Iglesias - but can you really take back something that was always yours to begin with? Think about that. 

He'll be sitting alongside Mariah Carey, who as of right now is the only confirmed judge for the next season. Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban have been rumored to be filling the remaining two spots, but it's beginning to seem like producers have as much of an idea of what's going on as we do. 

What do you think of Jackson being back on Idol?

[via E!]