Not to rain on your parade, feverish Twitter user, but you're part of a minority. At least that's what a new Pew study discovered. According to the research organization, a very small percentage of Americans use Twitter. 

How small? 

Around 13%, says Pew. We know what you're thinking. "That's impossible! All my friends are on Twitter. I get all my daily needed info from Twitter!" Yeah, we know. But according to Pew, despite 90 million people using and having over 500 million accounts from around the world, the micro-blogging service just isn't that poppin' here in the U.S. 

The Pew study examined the number of people who used Twitter as a major news source and found that while a large number of Americans were aware of Twitter, the majority of them didn't use the service. On the other hand, 47% of Americans said they got their news from Facebook and other social networking sites. Since we're not sure what other social networks Pew could possibly be referring to, we're going to assume most of those people #TeamFacebook. 

The study is surely surprising, but moreso for showing how dominant a force Facebook remains. 

[Pew Research via Business Insider]