Walter Samaszko Jr., 69, died in Carson City, NV with just $200 in the bank, though he had millions of dollars in gold, stocks, and cash inside his home. The reclusive Samaszko, who had lived alone since his mother died in 1992, had been dead for about a month before officials were told about the smell coming from the home.

Samazko and his mother used money left behind by his father, who owned a rather successful pie business, to buy antique coins. After his mother's death, Samazko kept purchasing coins—lots of them. Officials found millions of dollars in coins wrapped inside of tin ammunition boxes. He also had thousands in cash and stocks just chilling in his house.

There was so much wealth in the home that authorities took it apart to make sure they hadn't missed anything. When it was all said in done, they found an estimated $7 million in coins. Investigators determined a first cousin who would be the next of kin, but the IRS wants at least $800,000, and could even take up to 75 percent.

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[via Gawker]