Kinect has never been better

The reason NBA Baller Beats works so well is that Kinect has never been better. HB Studios have somehow done the impossible and made the camera peripheral work consistently—it hardly missed a beat during all my time with the game.

And seeing that old promise of Kinect tracking real-world objects come to life is actually pretty incredible. In one corner, the game displays what Kinect is seeing, and it really knows where the ball is at all times. There's no tricking it; if you do a forward between-the-legs when Baller Beats wants you to do a backward one, Kinect knows.

That said, NBA Baller Beatsis best played outdoors, for obvious reasons. If it's too much work to drag your TV and Xbox into the backyard, basement or garage when you want to play, you'd better have some tough floors—and nothing breakable around.

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