The "No Hope Left" viral campaign for Resident Evil 6 continues—or we've just received a press release notifying us of the actual end of the world. We're not sure actually (it sounds pretty official). Check it out:

"The National Center for Infectious Disease Research (NCIDR) has published key findings predicting the end of human life to occur on October 2, 2012. Lead researcher Dr. Harvey Joseph-Carlson cites recent wide-spread C-virus outbreak across North America, Europe and Asia as the cause for the projected end to humanity.  The report highlights a rapid increase in the infected population as well as a decline in food rations, medical resources and lack of hope as key factors into his final projected end date.

“'The end of humanity is a sad and inevitable reality that’s closing in fast on October 2, 2012,' notes Dr. Joseph-Carlson. 'We have witnessed gruesome acts due to the widespread contagion and without a cure to the C-Virus we have run out of time and hope to save mankind.'"

The release goes on to note that "the origins of the C-Virus are still unclear."

The world ending on Oct. 2 is especially inconvenient for Capcom, since that's the day Resident Evil 6 is supposed to launch. That can't be a coincidence, right? Hey! Maybe Silent Hill publisher Konami triggered the apocalypse on purpose to stop its biggest competitor from launching! Those bastards.