Sure, you can share your emotions with the world via Facebook or Twitter, but how do you convey your mood with those in the real world? Japan-based Neuroware has a (ridiculous) solution: the Shippo robot tail. 

The Shippo is a robotic, furry tail that will emote whatever the wearing is feeling. There are two modes as of now: relaxed and concentrating. When the  user is feeling the former, Shippo will wag softly and slowly, but once the user begins to concentrate, or get happy, Shippo wags "hard and fast." 

The Shippo also works in tandem with a smartphone app that will read your mood and display it for others to see. You can share your mood on Facebook or Twitter and even tag your location so other people looking to feel what you feel can head to wear you are. It's like Foursquare for Furries. 

Thankfully, the Shippo just a concept. For now. Peep the video above to see it in action. 


[via CNET]