It's safe to say that Terrence Bonney is not a fan of President Obama. But rather than go out and rock the vote this November, Bonney decided to discuss his displeasure over President Obama's time in the White House with 911 dispatchers. Obama was in Central Florida on Saturday, when Bonney called 911 to say that, well, he just doesn't like him. 

The Secret Service was informed after the first phone call, and they conducted a search of Bonney's home. They didn't find anything threatening, so an aggravated Bonney decided to keep calling 911 to complain. While he was being arrested, he told authorities that he had a photograph of President Obama with a noose hanging around his neck, but "did not intend on hurting him." 

Bonney was apparently surprised that he's not able to simply threaten the Commander-In-Chief whenever he feels like it. However, this is the logic of someone whose front lawn is adorned with swastikas. Stupid is as stupid does.

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[via The Huffington Post]