Are you a social media guru but lack experience? You can make your break into the industry with an internship at The site claims that it's the "world's best internship" and the pun-filled job description actually makes it appear so:

"By tapping into the pool of young and determined candidates, we’re looking to groom one dedicated student from a workplace virgin into an experienced professional. We want someone who will rise to the occasion and take to a challenge head-on. If you’re that lucky person, you’ll enter the real world with a real leg up..."

Think you can handle the "dirty work?" All you need is computer experience. The internship will require you to manage the Pornhub twitter account, host PornhubTV, and even interview porn stars. Lotion and napkins are not required for the position. Check out the full internship posting on Pornhub's site here

[Huffington Post via Pornhub]